I have worked with Mental Health, Psychotherapy and Supervision for the past 20 years (first abroad, then in the past few years, in the UK). I worked as a volunteer, in the private sector, and as a private practitioner. I am a BPS Chartered Psychologist Associate Fellow  a SAPPBPC and BACP registered member for over 10 years. As a supervisor I also joined the RAPPS.

My first degree and my initial training happened abroad, I graduated in Psychology (1994) . I hold a Bachelors degree, one master’s degree and have undergone Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training. During this time I have worked as a Clinical Psychologist and as a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist with children, young people and adults. When I emigrated to the UK I also trained at The University of Edinburgh and successfully gained a  Diploma in Cognitive Neuropsychology from the Edinburgh University (obtained in 2012).  

Currently, I work in Edinburgh as a independent practitioner with Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy/Psychodynamic psychotherapy and as a supervisor. I also work in the voluntary sector as a Psychotherapist. 

I am bound by the BPS, BPC and Bacp ethical standards  and codes of conduct.